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Single Sourcing Advantage

We can create your tooling through our in-house design and engineering team. Our engineers are trained in the use of AutoCAD, Pro-E, and Cadkey. Our engineering staff has more than 60 years of experience, and we will work with you to develop the most economical and functional design. Participation in customers’ supplier involvement programs has allowed us to put our expertise to good use. We advocate prelaunch meetings, as a standard procedure with our customers on every project. Every tool is designed and built to our stringent tooling standards, which ensure Class-A tooling for long life and superior quality. Tools are built with:

Taking these steps reduces maintenance, ensures long life, and achieves top-quality product. Dial features CAM-equipped wire EDM machines and CNC machine for precision cuts. We use multiple software programs to design the tool; Solid works, Cadkey, KeyCreator, and the majority of file types accepted for 2D and 3Ds We also have years of knowledge in making multi-part dies. Stamping multiple parts in one tool can be achieved in basically two ways:

Family dies where multiple parts are interchangeable in the same tool. This die will run one part at a time. Multi-part dies where multiple parts are run at the same time in one die.